A New Chapter Begins

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! *throws confetti*

Chapter 23 of my life is a memorable one because it has a lot of incredible highlights—graduating from grad school, getting my first job, and being a book blogger. Joining the book blogging community is the most rewarding decision I made when I was 23. Book blogging helped me grow as a writer as well as opened doors to wonderful opportunities that I’ll treasure for all time. I’m grateful to book blogging for making my Chapter 23 a joyful ride. Of course, the ride wouldn’t be exciting without the people I met along the way.


Fabulous authors!

Tamara Ireland Stone—Your lovely books made me fall in love with time travel! Time Between Us and Time After Time are eternal faves. Team BenAnna forever! Thank you so much for being a great friend! Honestly, I still can’t believe that I’m friends with you! 🙂 Our Twitter conversations about music, books, movies, and writing are delightful moments. I hope to meet you in person one day!

A.G. Howard—You’re one magical woman that I look up to! Thanks for making me believe that magic exists in real life. The Splintered series opened my eyes to the beauty of the extraordinary. Your writing advices really motivate me to not give up on writing. I hope one day I’ll get to share my magic with the world too. 🙂

Elizabeth Richards—Liz! You’re special because you’re the first author that I really became friends with on Twitter. I connected with you right away because we both love Harry Potter and owls! The Black City trilogy amazed me big time. You’re a phenomenal writer and I’m a huge fan of yours! If I meet you in person, expect a tackle hug from me! 🙂

Tiffany Schmidt, Emery Lord, and Kristin Rae—You have no idea how much your stories made me laugh, cry, smile, and swoon! They touched my life in remarkable ways. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories. I’ll never forget the valuable lessons I learned from reading them. 🙂 

PH YA Book Bloggers—Kate, Kai, Louisse, Sab, Dianne, Precious, Leslie, Lyra, Kazhy, Nicole, Michelle, Dani, Geraldine, Chyna, Maricar, Kayla, Algel, Hazel, and Nina! I feel so blessed to have you as friends! Every bonding moment with you is a blast! I LOVE YOU, GIRLS. ❤ To the other PH book bloggers I talk to on Twitter and met in person (there are a bunch of you!), thanks for being a part of my book blogging adventure!

International Book Bloggers—Every single one of you that I interacted with on Twitter, thank you!!!! You guys are awesome! I hope to meet you all someday!  

Publishers and publicists:

Megan and Sarah from HarperCollins, Cassie from Disney-Hyperion, Tina from A&C Kids UK, Olivia from Hot Key Books, Bloomsbury Children’s Books USA, Macmillan Children’s, Random House Kids, Tor Teen, St. Martin’s Press, and NetGalley—thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to review amazing books! It’s such a pleasure working with you!

National Book Store—Chad, JB, and the rest of the fantastic NBS team, my heartfelt appreciation for the recognition and privilege to become a part of something priceless. It means a lot for a book blogger like me! Working with you is perpetually spectacular!

Fully Booked—To Lucy, I deeply appreciate your help in finding the books I want/need and for being every bookworm’s incredible virtual friend! To Kuya Jay, Kuya Joeven, and Jane (FANTASTIC THREE) and the other staff of Fully Booked Alabang, many thanks for the superb assistance and for being very friendly! Your store is my happy place!


This girl’s ready for Chapter 24. Will you still be with me? I sincerely hope so. 🙂


Lots of love,







13 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

    • Thank you for the heartwarming message, Louisse! So excited for the Hardest selfie ever 4.0! See you soon! Mwah!! 🙂

  1. AWWWW *giant teddy bear hug*. Happy Birthday, ate Jesselle! One of the best parts of being a PH book blogger is having awesome friends like you! <3<3<3 God Bless mwa mwa!

  2. Jesselle dear! Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for being sweet and nice to me. I miss all our chats already. I wish you all the best in life….. And yes, more books to come. *blow the birthday candles*

  3. Jesselle Dear! Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for the lovely chats and bookish talks. I wish you more blessings, cupcakes, cakes, icecreams, cookies and books to come. *happy hug*

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