A Very Perky Sunday: Stephanie Perkins in Manila!

Bright and euphoric is how I would describe July 6, 2014. Why is that so? It’s because International Bestselling Author Stephanie Perkins was in Manila for a book signing event!  For those of you who don’t know the author, she wrote the popular contemporary YA novels, Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. Both books are beautifully written, uplifting, and swoon-worthy! I absolutely adore them!

My book blogger friends and I attended a Q & A with Stephanie Perkins where she answered questions from bloggers. I had a question for her, which I unfortunately wasn’t able to ask because of limited time. But it’s okay! I had a great time listening to Stephanie talk about her books, Etienne St. Clair (SWOON!), inspiration for her stories, she and her husband’s love story (*happy sigh*), travel experiences, and more. Stephanie’s supportive and super cool husband, Jarrod, was also present at the Q & A. He and Stephanie were so adorable! Definitely a OTP! ❤

Here are a few details I gathered from the Q & A:

*Stephanie’s new novel is under the horror genre. Hopefully, it will be coming out next year!

*Stephanie will definitely write more romance again. The horror novel was for her soul. She said, “Yeah, I’m writing something terrible and gross for my soul.”

*Someone asked Stephanie if one of her characters were to walk into the Q&A, who will it be and what will that character say, Stephanie answered, “Isla and Josh are both very big readers so it’s gonna be them who will probably be coming here together and keep to themselves. They’re pretty private people so you have to kind of get close to them. And they would be hanging out in the graphic novel section.”

*Etienne St. Clair was patterned after two actors. One was height and confidence based and the other one was facial, looks-wise. And then a lot of it was her husband, whom Stephanie put into all of the boys in her books. 🙂

*Stephanie draws inspiration from her own life, movies, and books that makes her swoon and fall in love again. It’s all about trying to capture that moment. She said, “When I write these things, I get to live them. I get to live in that moment and so I try to get that onto the page the best that I can.” It’s a combination of her husband and inspiration all around her and wanting to keep feeling that repeatedly as well as getting that in fresh ways.

*Stephanie is a people watcher. “If I see like a sweet moment between a couple with one tiny thing, I like to blow that tiny little moment like a huge thing,” she shared.

The public signing was held at National Book Store Glorietta 1 but I had to leave early so I was unable to attend. From what I have heard, the public signing was a huge success. 664 people showed up at the event and everyone had fun! Hooray!

Thank you very much National Book Store for making this perky event possible! All of us experienced the best kind of happiness. 🙂



The Stephanie Perkins book display


The NBS author throne, eagerly waiting for its “queen” to arrive

Stephanie Perkins Q&A

Q & A with Stephanie Perkins

SP5Stephanie Perkins and National Book Store surprised us with a very special gift:

An ARC of Isla and the Happily Ever After! *FLAILS*

Stephanie signing books

Stephanie signing books

With Stephanie Perkins

Stephanie is like a ball of radiant sunshine! Her warm, charming, and optimistic personality dazzled the whole room. Just looking at her put a smile on everyone’s faces! 🙂

SP14PH YA Book Bloggers with Stephanie!

Blogger selfies with Chad and JBSelfies with a few blogger friends & Chad and JB of National Book Store

Signed books

Thanks Stephanie and Jarrod Perkins for signing my books! You are both AWESOME!


Anna, Lola, and Isla all look so pretty together, don’t you think? 🙂

Stephanie has a message to her Filipino readers! Watch the video below:





One thought on “A Very Perky Sunday: Stephanie Perkins in Manila!

  1. I approve of this post’s title! HAHA! But, anyway, it was great to meet you again! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH HUHUHUHUHU

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