A Legendary Sunday: Marie Lu in Manila!


National Book Store’s announcement that New York Times Bestselling author Marie Lu is coming to the Philippines set my heart into fangirling frenzy! It was early this year that I wished Marie Lu would visit the Philippines and it came true! In fact, I just came home from the Q & A / book signing hours ago. 🙂 Here’s a rundown of today’s bookish event!

Book display

A display of Marie Lu’s books

While waiting for the Q & A to start, my blogger friends and I caught up with each other as we always do, exchanging stories about what we’re up to these days, what we’re reading, and book recommendations! The happy and excited energy in the room escalated when Marie Lu arrived at the venue. Marie was so friendly. She answered all our questions with a smile on her face! We learned a lot about her writing process, the origin of her characters’ names (June and Day from the Legend trilogy!), and a whole lot more. You may listen to the full audio recording of the Q & A here.

Q and A

Q & A with Marie Lu

The book signing followed right after the Q & A. Meeting Marie in person was a joyful moment for me! As she was signing my books, I asked her what the Colonies accent sounds like. To my surprise, Marie replied that she doesn’t really know. This makes the accent more intriguing, don’t you think? It’s okay for me, though, that the accent does not have a definite sound because it leaves room for us to imagine what we think it sounds like. 🙂

With Marie Lu

With the lovely Marie Lu! 🙂

PH Book Bloggers with Marie

PH Book Bloggers with Marie Lu

Of course, selfies play a huge part in every book signing event. Some of you might have noticed the tradition that me and my blogger friends (Louisse of The Soul Sisters, Lyra of Defiantly Deviant, and Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs) have that started at Gayle Forman’s signing, which we call the Hardest Selfie Ever. Why the name? Because the first time the four of us took a selfie, we had difficulty squeezing ourselves into the frame! Since we had fun, we decided to make Hardest Selfie Ever a habit every signing event. With each selfie we took in the succeeding signings, we experienced more struggles like the phone slipping from someone’s hand, the timer’s too fast, someone’s face was cut in half in the frame, etc. But as usual, we enjoyed it in spite of all the glitches! Now we’re on our 8th Hardest Selfie Ever and we have a new member: it’s Sab of Sab The Book Eater! 🙂

Hardest selfie 8.0

Hardest Selfie Ever 8.0

Today was undoubtedly incredible! I had a blast! To Marie Lu, the wonderful PRODIGY who writes LEGENDary stories, you are forever CHAMPION in our hearts! Thank you so much for visiting the Philippines! We hope to see you again one day. 🙂 Huge thanks to National Book Store for making #MarieLuinPH possible. Attending your fantabulous bookish events is a pleasure every time!

Signed books collage

My signed copies of Legend, Prodigy, Champion, and The Young Elites! 🙂

Signed post-it

Signed Post-it!

Were you in any of Marie Lu’s book signing events in the Philippines? Share your experience in the comment section below!






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