Event Recap: Lang Leav in Manila!


For the month of December, National Book Store brings Lang Leav, bestselling author of poetry books Love and Misadventure and Lullabies to the Philippines for a book signing tour! Fans of Lang Leav expressed their excitement on social media as news broke out that the well-loved contemporary writer and artist is coming to the country. Well, who wouldn’t be thrilled to meet Lang? She’s AMAZING. Her poems speak to the reader’s soul and fills the heart with all kinds of feels. Her words have touched so many people’s lives including mine. 🙂 Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the fun bookish event on December 7th!

Forum1_editedI had the opportunity to attend a Q & A with Lang Leav where she eagerly answered questions from bloggers. Her answers were brief yet insightful. We learned a lot about Lang and her writing even with a few words. Wonderful, yeah? Plus, her accent is awesome! 🙂

Forum collage

Q & A with Lang Leav

Here’s what we learned about Lang from the Q & A:

*She doesn’t really have a technique in writing poems. She just writes from instinct.

*When asked how she balances her time for her several passions such as art, fashion, and poetry, she said it’s the common misconception that she does all these things at once. She did the fashion many, many years ago, the same with art. The last two years have been about illustrations for the books and focusing on writing projects. “Writing has really taken over in the last couple of years,” she shared.

*Lang doesn’t really have a writing process. She said, “I guess I just write when I can, when I feel like it.” Lang writes generally at night, as she feels it is more for creativity. She doesn’t really have a set rule for that.

*Lang has spent the last couple of years with her poetry online and interacting with her readers. Her inspiration for her poems comes from the stories the readers tell her. Lang said, “I get a lot of sad stories and I guess my inspiration comes from that.”

*Love and Misadventure‘s success made the writing process for Lullabies easier for Lang because by then, she had already secured a publisher. That part was much easier because she didn’t have to go at it alone. In terms of writing, she was really writing anyway. “I like putting out new material for my readers. And pretty soon I had enough material for another book,” she stated.

*When asked if there was ever a time when she had to make a choice between artwork and poetry, Lang’s reply was: “I think in terms of choices, I’ve always just gone with my gut feeling and what I felt was working for me.” When the writing started taking off, it was clear to Lang that it was gonna be the forerunner because the response that she got for it was much, much bigger than she ever had for her artwork. And now it’s great that she has done the two because she likes to put them side by side. She thinks it’s really complimentary in the books.

*Bestselling Filipino author Noreen Capili asked Lang if there was ever a time when after finishing a poem, Lang felt that she has written a particular line or a poem before. And if yes, how does Lang reinvent herself herself without compromising the distinct voice. Lang’s response to that was: “I think when you do write a poem, you do get that feeling of deja vu sometimes. I guess you just got to weigh it up and down, and sit and think, ‘Was that too similar to something that I’ve said before or that something someone else has said before?’ And I think you just gotta find that balance and it’s really looking at it and making a call.”

*Lang has got another poetry book on its way. (HOORAY!!! *throws confetti*)

*Lang is halfway through a novel that she’s writing but she doesn’t know if that’s gonna have a 2015 release date.

*Lang loves it when someone reads her poem and comes up with an interpretation far from what she really means. She said, “I think it’s really fantastic that someone can take a poem and look at it in so many different ways. And I think that’s the beauty about poetry. You’re the protagonist, which means that you can put yourself into that poem.”

*Writing poems is just something that Lang has always done. Writing is her way of getting her feelings out. She tends to be more prolific when she’s going through a tough time. Lang cited an example in which her best friend’s mother passed away in 2007. That was a really, really tough year for her. She draws a lot from the incident as well for the sadness because her best friend’s mom was like a second mother to her.

*A blogger asked Lang what piece of art or poetry does she most attribute her success as an artist and poet. She answered, “I think it’s been a combination of a lot of things.” Lang’s most popular poem ever would be Souls (the one about “goodnight”). She really likes it now than when she first wrote it and was surprised by the popularity of it. “I wrote that when I was still in a long distance relationship with Michael (Faudet) when he was living in New Zealand and I was in Australia. And every time we spoke on the phone, after we hung up the phone, there was like this horrible silence and this void and that was the inspiration for Souls.”

*Lang’s favorite saying or wisdom that she always brings with her: “Your words are your power. Never forget your words.”

You may listen to the audio recording of the Q & A here.

Forum signing

Lang Leav signing copies of Lullabies

Lang signed our copies of Lullabies right after the short Q & A. Her warm smile and charming disposition certainly lit up the whole room infecting everyone so we’re all smiles until after the event!

Selfies with Lang Leav

With the amazing Lang Leav! 🙂


Hardest Selfie Ever 9.0 with Lyra of Defiantly Deviant! We missed our Hardest Selfie buddies Louisse of The Soul Sisters, Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs, and Sab of Sab The Book Eater!

After the Q & A, we proceeded to Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 to check out the public signing. Boy, were there lots of people! The entire second floor of the bookstore was buzzing! I was so glad to see and feel the wholehearted support of Filipino bookworms for Lang Leav. 🙂


A display of Lang Leav’s books at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4

Public signing collage

Filipino bookworms LOVE Lang Leav!

Enormous thanks to the ever prodigious National Book Store for bringing Lang Leav to the Philippines! And to Lang, thank you so much for visiting our country and for sharing your beautiful words to the world. You are truly remarkable! 🙂

Signed copy of Lullabies

Signed copy of Lullabies! 🙂

Fellow PH bookworms, did you attend any of Lang Leav’s book signing in Manila? Share your experience in the comment section below!



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