You’re Invited!

Hi everyone! It’s my birthday on June 15th and I’m going to celebrate it with three amazing books that are releasing on the 16th! It has always been my dream to celebrate my special day with books, so imagine my excitement when I organized this blog event! But then I was all the more ecstatic when the authors of the three books accepted my invitation to be a part of my birthday bash! *happy dance* Incidentally, my birthday is not the only one that will be recognized. This blog event will also celebrate the publication of the three books as well as every author’s success. 🙂

Without further ado, I invite you to…


The celebration will run from June 11th to 15th (excluding the 14th). It will feature wonderful guest posts and playlists from Sharon Huss Roat (Between the Notes), Lauren Gibaldi (The Night We Said Yes), and Tamara Ireland Stone (Every Last Word). Each author guest post highlights the heart of their respective books, which I’m sure you’ll love! As for the playlists, well, I think some of you know I have a thing for them, so that’s a huge deciding factor. 🙂 Anyway, I chose to include playlists because I love how songs can describe emotions to people. The playlists that Sharon, Lauren, and Tamara will share encompass the feelings that their books carry. ❤

The Bookish Birthday Bash schedule is as follows:

June 11th- Sharon Huss Roat / Between the Notes

June 12th- Lauren Gibaldi / The Night We Said Yes

June 13th – Tamara Ireland Stone / Every Last Word

June 15th – Birthday post + PH giveaway 🙂

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited! It would mean so much to Sharon, Lauren, Tamara, and me if you guys could celebrate with us! 🙂













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