Event Recap: Leigh Bardugo in PH!

June 21st was fantastic for bookworms in Manila as it was the day of New York Times Bestselling Author Leigh Bardugo’s book signing! Many wished for Leigh to visit the Philippines and of course, the wonderful National Book Store made it come true! 🙂

Leigh Bardugo Q&A

Q&A with Leigh Bardugo

My fellow bloggers and I attended a Q&A and I’d love to share with you the information I’ve gathered from the event. Here it is:

*Leigh would love to write with Laini Taylor and JK Rowling.

*Leigh has a horror story in the anthology, Slasher Girls & Monster Boys that is coming out in August.

*Leigh enjoys stories set in our world with a fantasy element.

*Leigh would never cut a steamy scene!

*Leigh is a huge Game of Thrones fan!

*Russia felt like a good fit for her world.

*The setting of Six of Crows existed in Leigh’s mind before she wrote it.

*Shadow and Bone is a very classic “chosen one” story.

*Leigh hopes we like Six of Crows!

*Leigh might write a story about Sturmhond. According to her, it won’t happen on a few years.

*Leigh used to be a makeup and special effects artist.

*Leigh realized that no matter how old you get, no matter how smart you think you are, the fear of the dark never really goes away.

*She meant for the Darkling to be sexy. 🙂

*The Darkling is a main love interest.

*Leigh set out to write characters, not love interests.

*There’s a possibility for a novella about Alina’s origins!

*Leigh created a language to suit the moment of the world.

*Leigh wanted the language to be accessible to the reader.

*Leigh has gotten braver in her world-building.

*She literally has her dream job now.

If you wish to listen to the audio recording of the Q&A, you may access it here.

With Leigh Bardugo

With the wonderful Leigh Bardugo! 🙂

After the Q&A, we bloggers had the opportunity to meet Leigh personally at the book signing. Leigh was so kind and friendly! She asked me who my favorite character is in the Grisha Trilogy and I honestly told her that I haven’t read her books yet. I wanted to vanish into thin air as soon as I said those words! But you know what? Leigh was totally cool with it! I said I’ll read her books soon and she responded, “I hope you like them!” in a cheerful manner that made me more excited to read the Grisha Trilogy.

PH Bloggers group photo

PH YA Bloggers with Leigh Bardugo

Leigh’s agent, Joanna Volpe, was also present at the event. I got to chat with her for a while and she gave some helpful writing tips! Thank you, Joanna! Will keep those in mind. 🙂

With Joanna Volpe

With the lovely Joanna Volpe! 🙂

Aside from meeting Leigh and Joanna, I was super happy to see my blogger friends again after two months! I missed everyone very much! It was really good to catch up with them. Of course, a signing wouldn’t be complete without selfies! I didn’t get a chance to take selfies with everyone (BOO!), but here’s a collage of the very few I took with Kevin of Tomebound, Salve of Cuckoo for Books, Sab from Sab the Book Eater, and Hazel of Stay Bookish.


Bloggers unite!

The public signing was held at National Book Store Glorietta 1. I wasn’t able to stay long because I had stuff to do in the afternoon. Anyway, from what I’ve seen in pictures shared on social media, it seems like everybody had a great time! Hooray!

Public signing

Public signing at National Book Store

Thank you so much National Book Store for making #LeighBardugoinPH possible! Meeting Leigh was an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to the next book signing event! 🙂

Signed copies of SB and SS

Signed books! Yay!

Six of Crows

Signed Six of Crows ARC! 🙂

How about you, guys? Did you attend any of Leigh Bardugo’s signing in the Philippines? Share your experience in the comment section below!



2 thoughts on “Event Recap: Leigh Bardugo in PH!

  1. Yes! Leigh was very friendly and kind. I went to her event here in Cebu and I also haven’t read the books, but she was like “Oh, I hope you enjoy my books! :)” She’s so cool and very approachable.

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